Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Misc. Art, Part 4

(Continued from Misc. Art, Part 3)

More commisions...

"Shower"   (February 2016)
One of the easiest to do so far, as the design was completely done before I started.
"Jogging"   (March 2016)
I initially was unsure about this, and did 4 sketches to start with.  But once again, the 1st sketch proved to be the closest to what was wanted, with some minor modifications.
"Aerobics 5"   (July 2016)
"Sit-Ups"   (October 2016)
"Duo"   (October 2016)
"Duo 2"   (November 2016)
"Grimmace"   (February 2017)
"Busty 1"   (February 2017)
"Busty 2"   (February 2017)
"Bouncing"   (February 2017)
More as I go!

All Artwork Copyright (C) Henry R. Kujawa
Some characters and/or movies depicted are all the properties of the various Copyright holders.

(Continued in Misc. Art, Part 5)