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Winston Leyland's MEATMEN anthology collected gay comics, new and old, explicit and humorous, from a wide variety of sources.  The content and quality varied greatly, which at times could be a sore point to some potential fans, as amateurish efforts were often displayed side-by-side with stunning brilliance.

MEATMEN Vol.1  /  cover by NECO   (1986)
MEATMEN Vol.1  /  back cover by NECO
MEATMEN Vol.2  /  cover by NECO   (1987)
MEATMEN Vol.3  /  cover by NECO   (??)
MEATMEN Vol.4  /  cover by NECO   (1988)
MEATMEN Vol.5  /  cover by NECO   (November 1989)
MEATMEN Vol.6  /  cover by CELIO BRAGA   (December 1989)
MEATMEN Vol.7  /  cover by ??   (June 1990)
MEATMEN Vol.8  /  cover by ??   (??)
MEATMEN Vol.9  /  cover by STEPHEN LOWTHAR   (??)

(Continued in Part 2)

Art (C) Leyland Publications and the various artists.

Scans from my collection.
Scans of MEATMEN #3-5 & 7-9 from
Restorations by Henry Kujawa.

Many of these books are available direct from LEYLAND PUBLICATIONS.

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